Season 1 Reflections (And season 2 announcement?)

The end of the first season is on the horizon, and to be completely honest, I never really thought it was going to get here. Rationally it would. That’s how time works, and I never wanted to give up on this story, regardless of whether people were listening. And people are listening, which is surprising… I have a lot of personal feelings about this season, but a great deal of it is awe and gratitude that anyone is listening at all. So thank you. I hope you’ll stick around.

Because the premise of this story is a deeply personal one. That doesn’t quite fit here. It’s hard to clearly map out my thoughts.

I always envisioned season 1 consisting of five sessions/tapes per client, The Oracle’s Tale will go on, tying into Season 2, that will be happening shortly after the last tape. Partially because I should have been more clear from the beginning what the timeline was, and also, that’s the way the story works best. The two seasons are distinct but build off of each other’s momentum. I have four seasons planned out right now. But it’s not a clear cut ending, so there’s room for it to go on.

We’ll see, I guess. For now. Just keep listening.