Website and (Potential) Patreon Updates

The website is finally here! Life kept happening… I love making the podcast, though, so that got priority. And now I can finally do this.

The next step would be to open a Patreon account. This season of the show is relatively easy to produce because it’s one person production, but there are alternative story lines that I’ll need to hire actors for. Never mind maintaining my equipment (my mouse, microphone, and laptop are necessities that likely have numbered days) and all the hosting/website fees. It’s nothing that I can’t stretch my salary to cover currently, but I genuinely am one crisis away from losing the plot. Never mind all the other audio dramas I want to start that will for sure require labor other than my own.

And I do like the idea of a Patreon community and the perks for you all therein. But that’s honestly not ready to launch just yet. It’s just something on my ever growing to-do list.