Is this a true story? - A Fourth Wall Break for a (potential) question

Yes and No. The short answer is that this is complicated.

The stories you here might be grounded in real events, but I’ve fictionalized them. So we’ve crossed the line into fiction but not by far.

Shortly after I went through a major loss in my family. I started to get these weird dreams. Things that were like Deja Vu but were WAY TOO real for that. Like I knew for a fact I had seen this in a dream and in the current moment, there was no “oddly familiar” about it. It went from knowing about a stupid and embarrassing thing my friend would do in the cafeteria to injuries and deaths.

When I was getting way too right about too many things, I started to do some research and apparently in Filipino tradition (the land of my mother’s family #pinoypride) there is supposedly a belief that if you lost a parent at a young age and dreamed of them the night they died or shortly after, you might be left with some… abilities like what I was showing. It’s hard to find information on this (I’m sure colonialism was a part of this), so I don’t know if this is really a belief, but it has left me with a lot to think about.

For now, at least.